“Dear Gero Trauth, the synthesis of fantasy and reality in your pictures is sheer poetry. Writers work with words to reveal the human condition. But an accomplished writer such as you portrays the mythology of the world. You are, my dear Gero Trauth, a magician who carries his art into the realms of eternity.
My tranquil soul salutes you.
Your devoted Bip und your Marcel Marceau”
Marcel Marceau

Mime, Compagnie de Mime | Paris

“Daytime and night, winter and summer, radiant and tranquil – sometimes a combination of all these elements – and grotesque to the very point of enchantment. This visual concept and design of Gero’s creations in porcelain is an irresistible invitation to be transported into this dream-like other world.
And it is a synthesis of the modern and the antique which makes Gero Trauth’s pictures so refreshingly new in today’s compartmentalized art world.”
Paloma Picasso

Designer | London

“Dear Gero, thank you for the photos of your new pictures. I was very happy to receive them and happy to see them. For me, the best thing about your work is that one can see and feel the joy you had in creating it. This delight in creation – I know it myself and experience the same joy when I am working on something new – is the most wonderful feeling in the world – a gift.
So if it is possible to sense this joy through an inanimate piece of art, then the people who see our work can also receive a similar gift in so far as they can experience at least some of the satisfaction that went into its making.
Thank you, dear Gero – keep up the good work. Yours, Björn”
Bjørn Wiinblad

Potter, Painter, Designer | Kopenhagen

Photo: Heiner Morgenthal (v.l. Gero Trauth, Prof. Justus Frantz)

“Dear Mr. Trauth, yours is exactly my conception of the art and music of Russia: a synthesis of Russian Orthodox splendour and traditional folk art: this is what you capture so brilliantly in your paintings. ‘The Firebird and Ivan’ is magnificent artistic achievement!
With very best wishes, yours affectionately, Justus Frantz”

Prof. Justus Frantz

Conductor, Pianist | Hamburg

“Gero Trauth does just about everything which has been forbidden by the so-called avant-garde. He deserves our congratulations.”
Prof. Arik Brauer

Painter | Wien

Photo: V&B

“Gero’s world ….. enchanting, seductive ….. pictures full of poetry and charm: entirely whimsical creations of great aesthetic appeal; a whole palette of shades ranging from the soft and lucid to wild orgies of colour. One is captivated by the subtle magnificence, is drawn into exuberant tumult of exquisitely delineated baroque arabesques.
Gero’s pictures provoke more than a transitory delight; they urge one to dream on and beyond this dream world – ideas to conjure with! Dreams of spring gentleness, aestheticism, grace, magical symphonies of colour, the blossoming of a joy in life, a yearning for happiness, warmth … these are the utopias, both subtle and delectable!”

Wendelin von Boch-Galhau

Board of Directors | Mettlach

“Gero Trauth belongs to the endangered species – he is like a fairy tale – with a small piece of the rainbow instead of a brush or a pencil in his charming/graceful hand.”
Jevgenij Jevtuschenko

Poet | Peredelkino/Russland

“Why is the clown in this happy and beautiful scene so pensive? Because no-one appreciates it any more. Because the clown knows that Gero Trauth’s sensitive and poetic charm is encircled by charlatans and mountebanks.”
Dr. Ephraim Kishon

Satirist, Art Historian | Switzerland/Israel

“If the world were indeed as it is painted by Gero Trauth, we would no longer need to be frightened by violence and evil, by growing older and the transience of human life.”
Dr. Sybil Gräfin Schönfeldt

Writer, editor | Hamburg

“Dear Gero Trauth, I believe that we have related souls, and that we are both attempting to set positive markers of hope in the world. In our rational, crisis-ridden world, haven’t we been given a wonderful task setting the accents of form and colour which can open the doors of discovery towards beauty and enjoyment?
I hope that we shall see many of your own peaceful oases of hope.
Yours, Otmar Alt”
Otmar Alt

Painter, Designer | Hamm

“It is a fact, without a doubt,
I am entranced by Gero Trauth.
With clear decisive brush-stroke he
Lights up his world and also me.
Tales and legends, ancient lands
Conjured up by Gero’s hands.
One is enraptured,
Enthralled, encaptured.
Of Siegfried’s and Othello’s shame
Of dream-worlds’ pleasures and of pain
I too in songs
Do often declaim!
So what do we two artist share? –
Well, for our time we’re pretty rare!
And therefore through his art – no doubt –
I am entranced by Gero Trauth!”
René Kollo

Opera singer | Berlin

Photo: Heiner Morgenthal (v.l. Dr. Barbara Gobrecht, Gero Trauth, Dr. Ariane Martin)

“It was a festival for my delighted senses in a likewise noble and poetical ambience. The Cappella is more than an aesthetic refuge. Poetry pours from all the paintings. Fairy-tale-like language landscapes, tender sounds suggesting images, colourful sounds, resounding colours…I felt transported back to the epoch of Art Nouveau in which a designer’s mind carefully considered each object, each detail and included it in the overall idea, his or her synthesis of the arts and even went beyond that as more was at stake – one’s whole attitude towards life – perhaps even living one’s life as a form of art..”

Dr. Ariane Martin

TV journalist and editor of the main editorial office of culture and science of ZDF | Mainz

“How easy it is to transport oneself into the innocence and wonder of
your fairy-tale paintings, moving from one sunburst of colour to the
next. It was Harlequin, however, stringing a row of Chinese lanterns
across a children’s landscape which held my attention the longest.
Yours, Peter Härtling”
Peter Härtling

Writer | Mörfelden

“….Three words capture the essence of Gero Trauth’s artistry: colour, form, fantasy. This artist realizes his dreams and the observer can dream away his own reality while observing it. In Gero Trauth’s Dream-Reality World, the principle of hope lives on.”
Prof. Dr. Horst W. Opaschowski

University of Hamburg | B.A.T.Institute of Leisure Activities - Hamburg

“What a fragile soul he is, this Gero! When you meet him, you’d hardly believe that these innocent little hands were capable of creating anything at all. His work, however, proves that first impressions can indeed be very misleading.”
Karin Blume

Illustrator, Painter | Haan

“Burnt in the fiery furnace
The children of your fantasy
Keep glowing
At the heart of your art
A remedy
For eyes set cold
And the frosty death
Of our vanishing planet.”
Prof. Dr. Adolf Muschg

Author | Switzerland

“…. a pity, though, that Michael Ende is no longer with us. I think
that perhaps his way of telling stories corresponds to your pictures
more strongly than any other contemporary German literature. He would
have been able to spin many a tale just from seeing your paintings.
Yours, Wolfgang Frühwald”
Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Frühwald

History of the New German Literature | University of Munich

“Dear friend,
Colours, dreams, poetry, imagination. We need your pictures either to
prolong our childhood or move us back into it.
Very cordially Merci, Federico Mayor”
Federico Mayor Zaragoza

Le Directeur général (retired) | UNESCO - Paris

Photo: Heiner Morgenthal (v.l. Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon, Gero Trauth)

“No-one can resist the psychedelic power of the dreams and hallucinations in Gero Trauth’s paintings of a fantasy world. They are full of idealism, present a picture of an unbelievably harmonious world, and provide, through their detachment from reality, an enormous sense of liberation. And yet it is exactly this unreal sweetness and the clear brilliance of the colours which reveal a hidden truth: the bitterness of melancholy, the tone-in-tone greyness of everyday life and the sadness of the clown.”

Prof. Dr. Fritz B. Simon

Psychoanalytiker | Berlin

“Dear Gero Trauth,
Your wonderful, original watercolour has given me many happy hours.
Whenever I look at your painting, sunshine returns immediately, despite the dull autumn days.
Heartfelt thanks for the sunshine.
Yours, Birgit Nilsson”
Birgit Nilsson

Opera singer | Sweden

“Dear Gero,
we have quite a lot of your poetically imaginative pictures: for me,
your poetry is meta-realistic – it elevates everyday reality to its
best and it gives everything a sparkle which comes from deep inside.
We thank you for that – it is a glance into the poetic mind of your
world, which is ours, too.
Friendly greetings from Günther Fuhrmann”
Dr. Günther Fuhrmann

Director of the Cultural Affairs Office | Schweinfurt

“Dear Mr. Trauth, I was very touched …a dreaming violinist, half asleep, playing his violin on a cloud, with the nightsun over his shoulder. It brings together fantasy and reality, night and day, and it is definitely a nocturnal image. I have myself practised through several nights when I had to learn works within a few days – once in Venice for the Shostakovich concerto, once in Amsterdam, for about two days and nights, the Alban Berg concerto, and once in an English town. I cannot remember the work I was playing there, and I do not know if I resemble the gentleman in your watercolour, but it could be me.
Yours sincerely, Yehudi Menuhin”
Lord Menuhin

Violinist, Conductor | London

“Your pictures succeed in drawing the observer into them, thus forgetting the real world. Congratulations on your oeuvre.
Yours, Ferdinand Piëch”
Dr. Ferdinand Piëch

Chairman | Wolfsburg

“My dear friend Gero,
Sincere congratulations on your latest oil paintings! We were deeply impressed by their uniquely imaginative, personal, poetic and beautiful fairy-tale atmosphere. It is indeed admirable that anyone nowadays possesses the courage to paint pictures which diverge so greatly from contemporary sterile installations.”
Gunnar Norrman

Drawer, Etcher | Lomma - Schweden

“Dear Mr. Trauth,
What a delight to step into such an enchanting world: so effortless, exhilarating, and poetic.
Thank you with all my heart.
Greetings and very best wishes. Yours, Marion Dönhoff”
Marion Duchess Dönhoff

Pubilicist, Editor | Hamburg

“Dear Gero, your wonderful book, which makes one feel involuntarily transported into a peaceful paradise-like world painted with the colours of the rainbow, populated by creatures from the fairy tales of childhood, enchanted and delighted us to the point of addiction – we need more!
Yours, Mirja Sachs”
Mirja und Gunter Sachs

Industrialists | London

“Clearly a man of the theatre such as myself does not see the world as being so intact, so buoyant or so joyful as the way you represent it in your pictures. We in the theatre frequently throw sand into the works just to see how they will react. You, on the other hand, oil the gears and allow us to rejoice in a lively and perfect world. Your paintings capture a time before the Fall, and give us hope that we once again might be blessed with Paradise on earth.”
Prof. Dr. August Everding

Artistic Director | München

“Dear Mr. Trauth,
With the help of your wonderful plate I could eat my way into a magic world, safe in the knowledge that the emptier the plate became the happier I should be. But of course you don’t actually eat from such a work of art; you rather look at it, find a nice place to put it and enjoy eating your spinach from a plain white plate instead.
Yours, Hellmuth Karasek”
Prof. Dr. Hellmuth Karasek

Critic, Editor | Berlin

Photo: Heiner Morgenthal

“For many people nowadays the terms “Fairytale” and “Magic” are almost annoyingly provocative. Both indicate a condition which, thanks to science, man believed he had left behind him, but which people all over the world have tried to capture for eternity in their stories. In fairy-tales there are no clearly defined borderlines between the wonderful and the explicable – the invisible and the visible. Nevertheless, fairy tales, legends and myths are now celebrating an unmistakable renaissance. When we pause on our journey from myth (Mythos) to its expression (Logos), we only need to look back over our shoulder to rediscover the old stories and ancient perceptions of our world. We and the world need this idyll, and this is what Gero Trauth is telling us.”

Klaus Gerdes

Sociolinguist | Göttingen

Foto: Heiner Morgenthal (v.l. Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf, Prof. Dr. Bernd Faulenbach, Gero Trauth)

“My very dear Mr. Trauth, what can one do in order to catch some of your ‘Flying Flowers’ for one’s own home and then to be enchanted by them and you for ever?
Yours, Kurt Biedenkopf”

Prof. Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf

Former Prime Minister of Saxony

“Dear Gero Trauth,
Well, it really is difficult to get hold of the Lord of the Stars in person. You just never know which planet he’s hanging out on. Perhaps he’s having a stardust breakfast with the Little Prince and his friend, the Fox?…The affinity between you, Marceau and Exupéry came to my mind a lot earlier. It’s the same poetic magic – Paradise. My enthusiasm for your work began with “The Dreams of Katharina” and there is no end in sight….
Your love of Russian and Oriental art doesn’t surprise me. I, myself, have often danced at celebrations of the Russian community, mainly gypsy and Hungarian folklore dances – and this with blond hair and blue eyes!
This cannot be explained rationally, so I would like to quote the Lebanese philosopher, Khalil Gebran who said:
‘Your children are not your children; they are an expression of the desire for life itself’.
Yours, Brigitte Alexis”
Brigitte Alexis

Dancer | Israel

Foto: Heiner Morgenthal (v.l. Gero Trauth, Dietrich Mattausch)

“Dear Gero,
a sign of life at last – and many thanks!!
– Memories of a wonderful, turbulent evening to and fro!
Rain then and also today, I’m afraid….
…in its place: a picture of the sun.
For smiling and dreaming, childhood memories far away from where I am now??!
Thank you, thank you, thank you and a hug. Roxana is especially enthusiastic. Now our favourite picture!
Perhaps the painter too if he’s in Berlin. More often? Favourite artist?
Non-stop rain, hardly any sun – longing for brightness and warmth. Berlin – a winter city. Let’s meet in Italy or in our dreams of spring, although we two (G & D) are autumn rabbits…..
See you soon in Berlin, or here or there,
Yours, Dietrich”

Dietrich Mattausch

Schauspieler | Berlin

“Dear Gero Trauth, your pictures remind me of the dreams we have of floating light as thistledown over the earth: beautiful weather, the air pure and unpolluted and the countryside beneath us as nature intended. And when we awaken from this dream, all we can say is: What a pity the world is not really like this. But it ought to be!
Very best wishes, yours, G.S. Troller”
Georg Stefan Troller

Documentary & Film Producer | Paris

Tomi Ungerer

Drawer, Writer | Irland

“And when we came to the shore
We sat a long time in the boat
Seeing the sky’s perfection
On the water’s face afloat
And saw through the pear trees’ branches
The swarming fishes billow
And a plane swam straight across a lake
To shatter soft on the willow
– soft on the willow
What will become of our dreams
In this trouble-torn land
The wounds themselves refuse to mend
Bound up with the filthy old band
And what will become our friends
And what of you and of me
– I would so much rather be somewhere else
Yet it’s here I prefer to be
– here I prefer to be

Gero Trauth, you will surely find the right picture for this song.
Sincerely, Wolf Biermann”

Wolf Biermann

Poet | Hamburg

Jean - Louis Dumas

Hermès | Paris

With Compliments! (Merci für Gero)

Ihre Majestät, Margarethe II

Karin und Wolfgang Clement

Warren E. Buffet

Birgit Breuel

Christian Lacroix

Hilmar Kopper

Dr. Helmut Kohl

Nubuyuki Idei

Dr. Dieter Hundt

Prof. Dr. Horst Hübner

Axel Hecht

Isa Gräfin von Hardenberg

Principe de Asturias Felipe

Elisabeth Gürtler

Kofi A. Annan

Carl XVI Gustaf,
König von Schweden

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schrenk

Dr. Peter Schönlein

Helmut Schmidt

Dr. Herbert Schmalstieg

Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble

Tatjana Fürstin von Metternich

Gräfin Sonja Bernadotte

Ihre Majestät, Beatrix

Dr. Michel Friedman

Jane Fonda

Francine von Finck

Ahmet M. Ertegun

Her Majesty, Elizabeth II

Gerhard Schröder

Martine Dornier – Tiefenthaler

Dr. Gerhard Cromme

Bill Clinton

Hans Zehetmair

HRH The Prince of Wales

Dr. Theo Waigel

Wolfgang und Gudrun Wagner

Prof. Dr. Siegfried Unseld

Christiane Underberg

Christian Ude

Friede Springer

Steven Spielberg

Dr. Wolfgang Schuster

Siegfried & Roy

R. E. Turner

Prof. Dr. Konrad Redeker

Dr. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer

Dr. Michael Otto

Dr. Hans A. Nieper

Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Tietmeyer