Gero Trauth was born on 25th June, 1942 in Neurode/Schlesien (Silesia), the only son of Dr. Fritz Trauth and his wife, Irene. His father was a doctor and in his spare time an excellent graphic artist. His mother studied singing. In 1946 his family moved to Western Germany and settled in Siegen.


Between 1959 and 1965 he studied Fine Arts, Graphics and Design at the Staatliche Werkkunstschule in Mainz, the History of Writing and Calligraphy at Gutenberg University and the History of Book Illustrations at Gutenberg Museum. In 1965 he graduated with honours.


In 1966 he built his studio. In 1972 he built his house in Siegen. Since 1966 he has been working as a painter, designer and illustrator. His works include sketches, graphics, sculptures for internationally renowned art galleries, posters and ceramic tiles, oil paintings and illustrations of fairy tales as well as designs for motif series. A volume of his illustrations entitled “Forgotten Gardens” was published in1979. His artistic work ranges from paintings to porcelain and fabric designs, lamps, cutlery and pottery, to ceramic or stainless steel ornaments and even furniture designed for well-established firms.

In 1984 he began what was to be an extremely successful and productive partnership with Villeroy & Boch. Gero Trauth became the creator and designer of many innovative and artistic creations: fairy tale motifs as collectors’ pieces, designs for dinner services, for special gifts and also for the World Wide Fund For Nature and German Cancer Research.

His paintings, both on canvas and porcelain, have been presented in over a hundred world-wide Trauth Personality Shows, as well as at International Interior Design Fairs and his works on porcelain are on display in all leading stores throughout the world. In 1999 a second volume of his latest paintings was published: “My Heart is a Star”. In 2000 the Gero Trauth House in Siegen was opened.. In 2001 a video clip was produced.

In 1999 a second volume of his latest paintings was published: “My Heart is a Star”. In 2000 the Gero Trauth House in Siegen was opened.. In 2001 a video clip was produced.

In 2003/04, a new exhibition house for his collectors, named GERO TRAUTH EXHIBITION HOUSE, was built. The opening exhibition was in 2005 and he presented a set of 32 original graphics called “Heinrich Heine – the Book of Songs 1827“.

In 2006 a report on the GERO TRAUTH EXHIBITION HOUSE was shown by ZDF and 3-sat TV channels and a “Heinrich Heine – the Book of Songs 1827″ edition with his illustrations was published.

In 2008 the exhibition “Snegurocka” was opened with 36 oil paintings by Gero Trauth showing scenes from the play “Snegurocka” by Alexander Ostrowski.


Gero Trauth has been awarded many prizes. When he was only 14 years old, he won a painting competition launched by the German magazine “Stern”. Following this, he won the “Best Design Award” seven times at the Frankfurt International Fair and numerous other prizes in graphic design.

His works have been purchased by museums and other institutions e.g. his illustrations of “The Book of Songs 1827” by the Heinrich-Heine-Institute in Düsseldorf, the federal capital of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Public recognition

Gero Trauth has achieved international recognition through articles in the press and appearances on television. He has given autograph sessions in the USA: at the Southbend Fair, in New York at V&B in Madison Avenue, in American shopping malls, and also at the Frankfurt International Fair.
The USA Plate World in its “Who’s Who of Artists” numbers him among the top porcelain illustrators in the world for his creativity and skill.

Foto: Heiner Morgenthal