Gero Trauth Exhibition House

In 2004 Gero Trauth had a refuge Gero Trauth Exhibition House built in which his latest works are exhibited.

His paintings, the architecture and the ambience of the Gero Trauth Exhibition House, melt into a synthesis of the arts which, although expressing the Arcadian temptation of Trauth’s topics, is also a tabula rasa of compelling magic.

Detached from everyday life in this mysterious marble refuge, his collectors can allow themselves to be captured in his dream world.

His poetic illustrations are extremely sensitive expressions loved by people throughout the world.

The abundance and variety of his treasured works range from gilded fairy-tale-like paintings to sensitive interpretations of world literature to his erotic 1001 Nights. They all reveal Trauth’s versatility and his formidable capability of tempting us away from the banality of everyday life in an Apollonian manner.

The Gero Trauth Exhibition House is a place of meditation where his collectors can devote themselves to contemplation – free from religion, politics and popular arts – and free from any kind of triviality.

Marianne Hambloch